Code Enforcement

The City of Hallsville Code Enforcement Division is to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the Hallsville citizens. This can be accomplished through working closely with the public and the Citizens of Hallsville, by enforcing the City Ordinances and Texas State Laws. The City of Hallsville’s ultimate goal to make sure that Hallsville is a wonderful place for people to work and live. All of the City’s Ordinances are passed by the City Council, and it is the job of the Code Enforcer to make sure they are all complied by all of Hallsville Citizens. The Code Enforcer will continue to provide quality service to the community, respond promptly to all reported violations, and educate the public on all of the City’s Ordinances.

There are different types of cases that the Code Enforcement Division will be working on. They range from High Grass & Weeds, Junked Motor Vehicles, Illegal Dumping, Building Permit Regulations, Sanitation issues, and many more.

If you would like to report or make a complaint, you can call City of Hallsville at 903-668-2313, and we will pass the message onto the Code Enforcer. The Code Enforcer will go to the property in question, take pictures of the violation, and bring all violations back to the office. A warning letter will be sent out to the current home owner and they will have 10 days to comply. If the violation is not fixed in that 10 day period, then a written violation will be issued. The cost of the violation is $200/each day until the violation is taken care of.

It is the responsibility of everybody to comply with all the City Ordinances and we, the City of Hallsville, is asking for your cooperation and help to make Hallsville a better place work and live.