2015 Engineering Con Code
Billboards Placement
Burning within the City Limits
Cable or Video Certificates of Authority
Dog Ordinance
Drilling Oil & Gas Wells within City Limits
Entry Gates in Certain Neighborhoods
Firearms Discharged
Horses & other Animals
Jake Brake Law
Junked Vehicles
No Parking on FM 450
Noise Ordinance
Nudity & Alcohol Prohibited
Ordinance 2016-07 Subdivision Regulations
Park Ordinance
Rules & Regulations Re Sanitation & Pollution Control
Rules & Regulations Regarding Discharge Fat, Oils, & Greases in Sewer
Solicitor’s Permit
Speed Limit in Rutland Place
Speed Limit in Tealwood Neighborhood
Speed Limit in Timber Ridge Neighborhood
Speed Limit on Sections of FM 450
Speed Limits on Sections of US 80
Truck Route
Wrecker Service
Youth Curfew
Zoning Ordinance