Municipal Court Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to see the Judge or appear in court? : NO, if you want to pay the ticket you may pay the Court Clerk.

Why does the Court need my mailing address and a phone number? : To contact you about your ticket or court date.

Why did the Clerk ask if I had gotten married after I got my ticket? : The Clerk is required by the State to submit a monthly report and the Name on the ticket MUST match your driver’s license.

Can I make payments on my fine? : YES, you can call the Court Clerk to set up payment plan arrangements.

Do I have to plead Guilty to pay my ticket? : NO, you can plea “No Contest” . This is not an admission of guilt but means you do not want to contest the ticket.

My inspection has been out for 3 or more months. Can I get my ticket dismissed? : NO, if your inspection has been expired for 3 or more months it cannot be dismissed.

MY registration has expired . Can I get my ticket dismissed? : YES, register your vehicle as you normally would and pay the late fee. Provide a copy of the receipt to the Court Clerk for a dismissal.

When is Court held? : Court is usually held every 4th Wednesday of the month at 9:00 am. (Date may change due to Judge’s schedule)

What is a Pre‐Trial Hearing? : This a meeting between you and the City’s Attorney. This is an informal meeting and a chance for you to meet the City’s Attorney and discuss your case.

Can I pay with a personal or business check? : NO, the court will accept payments in the form of, Cash, Money Order, Cashier’s Check or Credit / Debit Card. NOTE: a fee may be charged to use a Credit / Debit card.